CoPA Now

DIY Programs for Mannes Classroom / Department Events

Department concert, Classroom concert, and Masterclass programs have transitioned to DIY. 

Please work with your students to produce programs as needed.

Please note that the email address has been discontinued.

This semester, events will be promoted to our community via Instagram and the CoPA bulletin. 

Print Programs

  • Create the program based on this Google Doc  template. Please make a copy of the template for your program.
  • Refer to the Mannes style guide.
  • Print programs and and bring them to the venue. 

Digital Programs

  1. Create a digital program pdf (using this Google Doc template)
  2. Upload the pdf to google drive, make sure it is viewable for everyone on the web.
  3. Go to: or download the QR code from Google Chrome
  4. Download QR code as a high res PNG file
  5. Test the QR code
  6. Use this template and insert QR Code
  7. Print 4 copies and tape them to venue doors. 
  8. Remove them after the concert.

Announce from the Stage

  • Alternatively, the program can be announced from the stage.